Former After School Member Lizzy Breaks Down On Live Broadcast Apologizing For Her DUI, Says Her Life Is Over

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Former After School Member Lizzy (aka Park Soo Ah) is making headlines for her recent Instagram live.

The former After School Member took to Instagram on September 14 to apologize for her DUI this past May.

During the broadcast, she broke down in tears as she apologized to fans for the DUI, she said,

“I am so sorry for disappointing you. I wanted to write an apology but I didn’t think it would be enough.”

As she was talking, she began to break down and said, ‘my life is over…’

She talked about having to endure terrible hate comments following the incident, comments that told her to make an extreme choice, she said,

“The other driver didn’t get hurt that much, but articles were written as if he did. It seems that they want me to die.”

She pleaded with her fans talking about how everyone goes through a hard time,

“In this situation, there are comments telling me to make an extreme choice [asking her to commit suicide]. I did something very wrong, and from the point of knowing that it was wrong, I am so sorry.”

Back in May, it was revealed that After School Lizzy had hit a taxi driver while driving in the south intersection of Youngdong-bridge in Gangnam-gu. No major injuries were reported. Lizzy’s blood-alcohol level was high enough to revoke her license.

Ever since the incident, Lizzy has remained out of the spotlight.

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  1. She made a mistake,, & have suffered the concequenses,, & now she even apologized… People should stop asking her to make an extreme choice,, she have her freedom to live her life,, at this situation her is no more a culprit, but people around her, who are making her feel miserable are!!!
    Stop making her miserable, let her live her live happily..❤️

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