Kwon Mina is involved in a controversy regarding smoking in a hotel room, but why did it get so out of control?

On September 6, Kwon Mina posted photos with her boyfriend in a hotel room. She was holding a lit cigarette in one hand and posing with the other hand behind her boyfriend.

One netizen saw the photos and asked, ‘isn’t the room non-smoking?’ Kwon Mina answered with, ‘yes, no, I got a smoking room.’

However, other netizens began to point out that the hotel she was staying at didn’t operate any smoking rooms, one netizen commented that most five or four-star hotels have a strict no-smoking policy on all their rooms. Through the photos, netizens found out that she was staying at a five-star hotel.

Kwon Mina eventually deleted the controversial post then re-uploaded a new photo, this time, she excluded her boyfriend and was holding a cigarette that wasn’t lit. Despite that, many netizens left comments asking her to clarify why she lied and demanded an explanation. One netizen had commented that they even sent the photos to the hotel in question and told them about it.

Later, Kwon Mina ended up deleting the post and her Instagram account as well. This isn’t the first time, Kwon Mina deactivated her account, thus, many netizens believe she’ll be back soon.

Smoking in doors in Korea is subject to a fine of 100,000 won ($86).

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