Kwon Mina Shocks Netizens By Revealing She’s Dating + Shares Photos Of Her New Boyfriend

Kwon Mina is dating!

On September 3, Kwon Mina took to Instagram to reveal she’s happily dating. In her post, she left a long caption and shared a couple of photos with her new boyfriend.

In the caption, Kwon Mina first addressed the backlash she received for appearing on a YouTube show to discuss the bullying controversy, her troubled family life, and Sulli. In the post, she said,

“But there are things I want to do now, there are things I need to do, and now, I want to go back to the old Mina, so I will live my life so I am confident and bolder. I liked watching my full video.”

She also revealed she’s dating, she says he’s a great man,

“And yes, I have been dating for awhile. I have one big weakness and it’s about my family situation. I grew up in a difficult situation so when someone with a bad family situation approaches me, I have a hard time turning them away, even if I am not attracted to them romantically. I want to take care of them and hold my hands out because I know what it’s like to have no one by your side during difficult times…..

I have met someone great and because of him, I have been able to work hard.”

This marks Kwon Mina’s second public relationship in the span of a couple of months. Previously, she introduced a new boyfriend to her fans, the now ex-boyfriend turned out to have cheated on his girlfriend to be with her. This created a massive backlash against Kwon Mina, she fired back at first, but eventually ended the relationship and apologized.

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