Kim Jae Wook And Krystal’s Upcoming Drama is reportedly premiering early next year.

Fans have been curious about the news of casting Kim Jae Wook and Krystal for the upcoming KBS drama “Crazy Love.”

According to various media outlet reports, the drama is slated to air in February of 2022.

“Crazy Love” is about a man who pretends to have amnesia when he is told he will be murdered, it’s also the story of a woman who pretends to be his fiance when she is told she doesn’t have much time to live.

Kim Jae Wook will play the role of Noh Go Jin, who is the CEO of GO Study and the top math instructor in the country. Krystal will play the role of Lee Ji Young, Noh Go Jin’s secretary who has zero presence. She is considered the top in terms of sincerity and responsibility, but she is so quiet, introverted, and hopeless that it almost seems like she’s nonexistent.

The drama gained attention for being Kim Jae Wook’s first drama in over three years since “Her Private Life” in 2019.


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