Is Netflix’s “D.P.” Season 2 Coming Soon? Jung Hae In’s Answers Gives Fans Hope

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Is “D.P.” Season 2 coming soon? Jung Hae In has the answer!

Netflix’s “D.P.” is currently one of the most-streamed Korean dramas on the platform, it has garnered huge success and has been showered with rave reviews, the drama’s ending left fans with a cliffhanger and many started to wonder whether a season two is coming soon, and it might seem like it is happening after all.

Recently, lead actor Jung Hae In sat down to talk about “D.P.” in a virtual interview.

Jung Hae In talked about the drama’s popularity, it ranked No.1 in Netflix’s popular shows ranking in Korea and has shown global success in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and more as well. To that, he said,

“I feel dazed and it didn’t feel real that ‘D.P.’ was in the first place. I’ve never received so many congratulatory messages from seniors and acquaintances before, so I’m realizing that it is real little by little.”

Jung Hae In has also revealed that he’s gotten many messages from his seniors and juniors in the military after they watched “D.P.”

During the interview, the actor talked about his hopes for a second season of “D.P,” he said,”

“I felt blank when I saw D.P on its release day. Since there has been so much interest and praise for the drama, I am looking forward to D.P. season 2. I’ve heard the director and the writer are already working on the script. They’ve started moving.

I’d like to show my character’s growth in D.P. season 2.”

What do you guys think of this? Would you like to see “D.P” season 2?

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