ChoA Opens Up About The Real Reason Why She Left AOA Suddenly

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Former AOA member ChoA has opened up about why she’s taken a long hiatus and quit AOA.

On the most recent episode of “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Nugget Counseling Center,” ChoA was featured as a guest. The program centers around kids who have issues with their parents. ChoA personally shared that she was touched when host Jung Hyung Don contacted her after she went on hiatus and suffered from depression.

When asked about why she took a 3-year hiatus, she said,

“I wanted to run away, it was difficult for me to see myself. When a person can’t sleep well and feels depressed, they start having negative thoughts. From one point, I began having trouble looking at myself on the monitor. I wanted to do better, but I didn’t feel that it was something I could do and I didn’t really like that.

…I wanted to run away, I thought this wasn’t the right path for me.”

ChoA also choked talking about the memories of the past and her hardships in the idol world, she took a sip of water and tried to calm herself discussing this because she said she hated crying on TV.

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