Fans are growing increasingly worried about Lee Chae Yeon’s well-being due to Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter.”

Since episode 1 of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” Lee Chae Yeon was picked by multiple dancers as the weakest one on the show, she lost many battles and was handed many ‘no respect’ stickers by the other contestants. Fans can tell that this is taking a toll on her and are worried about her.

In another episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter,” dancers suggested she’s not a good dance because she’s an idol, the camera then zooms to show her breaking down and crying in the break room saying ‘I can’t dance anymore,’ she was being comforted by her fellow teammates.

In this week’s episode, through votes and a competition round with another dancer, Lee Chae Yeon was ultimately voted the worst dancer of the assistant class. She apologized to her teammates for losing the battles and said she can no longer dance and was having a hard time due to the pressure she suffered because of the competition show.

After seeing this episode, fans are growing increasingly worried about her, they’ve also noticed how she looked down and not as energetic as she usually is. Some netizens have also been criticizing Mnet for their editing of the show.

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