Former IZ*ONE Member Lee Chae Yeon Breaks Down In Tears For Losing Four Battles In Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”

Former IZ*ONE Member Lee Chae Yeon has been seen sobbing after her losses in Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter.”

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” premiered on August 24, its a competition show about eight female dance crews that represent South Korea, they compete to be the No. 1 team.

Former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon is also competing on the program as a member of one of the dance crews. During the first episode, the contestants were asked to pick the weakest contestant to dance battle against and Lee Chae Yeon was called out four times.

Each contestant who chooses who they believe to be the weakest has to compete against each other and do a 40-second one-to-one dance battle. Chaeyeon lost in all four battles. She had also received the most ‘No respect’ sticker making her a target in the show.

Due to the losses, Lee Chae Yeon broke down in tears and was seen sobbing, she was comforted by her staff.

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