BLACKPINK Lisa has been accused of Cultural Appropriation In “Money” Performance MV and the issue has been getting attention on various social media platforms.

The idol has taken it upon herself to address the issue and apologize for it personally and publicly.

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa released “Money” performance video, during the video, she was spotted wearing boxed braids, this has upset some of her fans and some accused her of cultural appropriation.

Two days ago, Lisa held an online fan sign event to promote her solo, and during one of the meetings with a fan, the issue was addressed. The fan read out a letter to Lisa to explain why the braids were cultural appropriation. Lisa was willing to listen and asked the staff to extend the fan sign meeting from 90 seconds to 6 minutes so she could understand the fan’s concerns.

Lisa then followed with an apology stating she had no intentions of hurting anyone, she came close to tears as she apologized and said she’d be careful next time and will double-check everything before it goes out.

Fans are happy the issue was addressed and that Lisa apologized for the alleged cultural appropriation.

You can check out her apology video below!

Do you think BLACKPINK Lisa’s hairstyle was cultural appropriation?


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