Crush Gushes About How Much Red Velvet Joy Makes Him Smile In Letter Addressing The Dating News

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Singer Crush has responded to the dating news.

On August 23, Sports Chosun exclusively reported that Red Velvet Joy and Crush are dating. Later, both singers’ agencies confirmed the dating news stating that they recently developed into lovers.

After that, Joy took to Lysn to share a personal apology.

Crush has also responded to the news via his fan cafe, he wrote,

“Shibami [Crush’s fandom name]. You must have been really shocked, right?

This is my first time talking about something like this, so I am anxious and nervous but I will try to talk about the friend that appeared in the articles.

Thanks to that very bright and positive friend, there have been more days that make me laugh and my heart has gotten healthier.

We have only begun slowly and seriously confirming each other’s feelings and once the time was right, I wanted to be the first person to tell you, but I am embarrassed that articles came out first. My heart feels heavy thinking about it.

To all of my Shibami, who always lift me up with your love and support, me who is always lacking, I will take responsibility and work harder to show you a good image. I am always thankful and I love you.”

Crush is currently serving in the military, he enlisted on November 12, 2020, and will be discharged in early 2022.

What do you think of Crush’s letter? Do you support Crush and Joy’s relationship?

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