BTS Suga Comments On The Current State Of Music Shows And Its Effect On Idols Gain Attention + Why Antis Are Pissed

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BTS Suga recent remarks have gained attention from fans, non-fans, and also some antis.

On July 31, Weverse magazine released BTS Suga interview. One of the questions asked for him got a lot of attention from everyone around the web.

He was asked about the necessary steps for the artists who need to follow after BTS, he said,

“The way artists work seems so difficult. They make an appearance on a different music show every day once the promotional period begins, meaning the exhaustion artists face is enormous, and that fatigue often results in injuries as it adds up.

That kind of music show is for promotional purposes, so it’s not like the artists can earn a proper income from them. On top of that, despite all the promoting, there’s no visible outcome, so they inevitably lose morale. If possible, it’d be nice to have one of the performances be really high-quality, even if it’s just the one, but in this environment I’d say that’s pretty difficult. And since our job doesn’t fit the common conception of work, there’s ambiguous boundaries when it comes to issues of legal protection as well. We need a lot of improvements to be made to the industry and its system.”

Many netizens agreed with what Suga had to say about the way that the artist promote on these shows. Many fans are already aware that music shows are recorded back-to-back and that it takes up a lot of time and commitment from the idols, improvements to the system are very much needed as many people can see, however, there were also some antis who took this opportunity to snap back at him and use his words against him.

Those who criticized him for what he said argue that having the ability to promote on music shows is truly a blessing and many groups are dying to perform on music shows because some groups come from such small agencies that they don’t even get picked to perform on music shows.

However, fans have continued to defend him against some of the backlash that he received saying that antis are missing the entire point of what he had to say.

What do you think of Suga’s remarks? Do you agree or disagree with him?

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