SBS The “Penthouse 3” Addresses The Controversy Surrounding Cultural Appropriation With A Brief Statement

SBS hit drama “Penthouse 3” has addressed the controversy surrounding one of its characters portrayal in its recent episode.

On June 14, the production team behind the drama stated,

“We were not intending to mock a specific race or culture.”


This comes after the SBS drama had dropped new stills ahead of its second episode, the new episode features a new character that is Logan Lee [played by Park Eun Seok] brother.

The new character’s name is Alex and he makes an appearance in the second episode, he confronts Shim Su Ryeong’s character and accuses her of killing his brother for what they did to her daughter.

The newly released stills of Alex’s character shows actor Park Eun Seok with dreadlocks and tattoos.

Fans found an issue with the character’s dreadlocks and many labeled it cultural appropriation. Some fans also noted the character spoke in an accent that imitates black people. Fans are raising an issue with this and are asking SBS to take down the photos they’ve posted and issue an apology.

On June 12, Park Eun Seok posted an apology on his TikTok account, and fans called for SBS to also issue a response.

What do you think of their response?

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