HyunA And Dawn’s Wedding-Themed Birthday Celebration Sparks Rumors They Got Married

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HyunA and Dawn’s recent social media updates almost had fans fooled that they might’ve gotten married!

HyunA has celebrated her 30th birthday recently, and shared various posts of her celebration. The photos gained so much attention for being similar to what couples would do if they got married.

HyunA and Dawn are dressed in white surrounded by several balloons. The poses were also similar to what couples would take celebrating their wedding. At first, fans were convinced the couple got married due to the photos, the poses and the way they dressed.

HyunA captioned one of the posts with,

“With the live broadcast for my fans as well as the surprise party and the letters, today has been so amazing, I don’t even know how many times I laughed and cried.

My heart feels full in ways I can’t explain.

Its truly incredible how much love and support I am receiving.

Thank you so much for always rooting for me and showering me with love.

And my unnies, oppas, and dongsaengs — all the staff and friends who spend more time with me than my family does… I can’t really put it into words just how happy you make me feel. I was the happiest person alive today.”

She also dedicated the last part of her post to her boyfriend Dawn, she said,

“And finally, dear Dawn. I’m sooo happy that we’re always together. I love you.”

Despite fans’ speculations, the couple had only held a birthday part as evident by HyunA showing off the birthday cake.


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