BTS Jungkook Surprises Fans With His Eyebrow Piercing, Is It Real Or Fake?

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On May 21, BTS finally came back with a new summer song “Butter.” And as you’d expect, fans went crazy over the song and the members visuals in the music video.

One of the things that caught fans attention was Jungkook’s Eyebrow piercing.

Previously, in the shared teaser images of BTS for their most recent comeback, people did notice the piercing but not many paid attention to it as many thought it was fake. However, when the music video for Butter was released, fans saw Jungkook with the Eyebrow piercing in multiple shots and many started to wonder whether the idol had really pierced his eyebrows. He also wore it to the official press conference for their newest song.

Many fans commented on how good Jungkook looked with it and it became a hot topic on online communities. The phrase ‘the piercing is real’ was one of the top trending phrases on twitter.

However, turns out it was fake.

During their V Live broadcast to discuss the song, Jungkook showed off the cool accessory and revealed to everyone that it was in fact, fake. Jungkook explains the eyebrow piercing was stick-on gems and even removed them to show to fans. V then took one of the gems and stuck it on his nose.

Sadly, Jungkook eyebrow piercing turns out to be fake, luckily for us, we get to see how good looking he was wearing it.

Do you think they looked good on him?

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