“Vincenzo” will wrap up filming this week.

On April 21, Star News released a report about the popular tvN drama. According to their report, “Vincenzo” is set to finish filming this week [on the 23rd of April], a gag order has also been issued to prevent leaks of the script.

The drama took a break last week, tvN had stated that the delay is to ensure high quality of production. However, according to the report, the drama was supposed to finish filming last week but the filming schedule for the final episode was extended by a week as the script-writing for the final episode was delayed.

According to the report, the reason for the delay in the script was because the director and writer were agonizing over the ending.

This in turn is making fans more curious about how “Vincenzo” ending will turn out to be.

“Vincenzo” episode 20 will air on May 2.


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