Paju City To Investigate Whether BLACKPINK Jennie Violated Social Distancing Guidelines

BLACKPINK Jennie will be investigated for her recent Instagram post.

Previously, the idol posted a photo of herself and other several people holding ice cream during a visit to an arboretum in Gyeonggi Province. The total number of people shown in the photo was 7 which raised concerns of whether Jennie violated social distancing guidelines.

Currently, there is a nationwide ban that prevents individuals from gathering in groups that are larger than five people. Eventually, YG responded to the reports and stated that Jennie had been there to film content and not for leisure.

And while most people closed the book on that following YG’s response, one netizens has gone ahead and reported Jennie for breaking quarantine guidelines. The netizen posted about it online and stated they have sent a complaint to the health center in Paju, and after speaking to the official team in charge, the team stated they will review the case and investigate to see whether Jennie should be handed in a fine.

Previously, many people were handed in fines of around 100,00 won (90$) for breaking the ban on collective gathering.

The netizen who posted this said the official stated that it would be difficult to establish a case unless they’re caught in the act of breaking quarantine guidelines.

The majority of fans find the netizen’s complaint an over-kill and unnecessary since an explanation was already provided by YG in regards to why Jennie was there.

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