(G)I-DLE To Release A Song Without Soojin Due To Her Recent Controversy

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(G)I-DLE is set to release a song excluding Soojin.

Their new song “Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)” was supposed to include her. The song was part of Global K-pop entertainment platform UNIVERSE.

According to a statement by the platform, the new song and its music video was produced by UNIVERSE Music and had originally been finished since February and had planned for a release in April.

However, due to the bullying allegations against Soojin, the group has been working as five members. After discussions with Cube Entertainment and due to the contractual relationship with distributors and partners, its been decided to adjust the existing structure of the song.

Thus, the song composition and lyrics were modified and the song was re-recorded after re-distributing the parts among the five members. The music video will also be re-edited to minimize Soojin’s appearance as much as possible. The platform added that promotional material and such will be modified as much as possible to only include the five members.

Soojin is currently on a hiatus due to the bullying allegations. She’s repeatedly denied the allegations and so did Cube. But despite Soojin’s denial of bullying actress Seo Shin Ae, the actress released a statement sharing her experience with her and how she was bullied. Cube didn’t respond to her statement yet.

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