TVXQ’s Yunho Reportedly Fled From Police After Allegedly Getting Caught At An Illegal Adult Entertainment Business, SM Denies

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TVXQ’s Yunho has caused a huge shock among netizens after a recent report came out about his most recent issue.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Yunho was being investigated by the police for staying at a restaurant in Gangnam until approximately 12 a.m. KST back in late February, thus, breaking the social distancing regulations in place in Seoul at the time.

Back then, SM released a statement to apologize and to clarify that he was at a restaurant with friends and had cooperated with police investigation. Yunho also issued a personal apology after that. Most k-netizens didn’t harshly react to the news considering his clean image and how beloved he was to the public, also, SM clearly stated he was at a restaurant in their statement which didn’t warrant a harsh reaction from netizens.

However, on March 12, MBC’s “Newsdesk” released a shocking report that blew k-netizens minds.

According to their report, the venue where the entire ordeal happened was an illegal adult entertainment establishment that only members can enter, and that when police arrived at the scene, Yunho attempted to flee. The friends with him had gotten into a physical fight with the police to stall time while he attempt to run away.

According to MBC’s “Newsdesk” report, Yunho was drinking until midnight with three acquaintances and a female employee and that police were considering booking the people who were with Yunho on suspicion of obstruction of the performance of official duties.

Later the same day, SM Entertainment issued a new statement, they wrote,

“There was a report with false information today about Yunho, and we’re here to share our statement.

It is an obvious fault that Yunho failed to comply with the quarantine rules, and he’s deeply reflecting on himself, but he never did anything wrong except for violating the quarantine rules.

All Yunho did was go to the place where his friend told him to come after receiving a call from his friend who wanted to talk about his concerns, and it was the first time he’s visited that place.

Also, Yunho spent time only with his friends at the place, and there was no female employee present at all. At the time of the police arrival, there were only managers at the site for payment and no female employees.

Also, it is not true at all that Yunho tried to flee when the police arrived. He cooperated earnestly with the police and the public officials who were performing their official duties, and after he immediately confirmed his identity at the scene, he was sent home.

As there were suddenly more than 10 plain-clothed police officers coming in, some of his friends were taken aback and protested, unaware they were police officers. However, this is something completely unrelated to Yunho.”

They ended their statement expressing their frustration at the false report circulating around, and stated that Criticism and punishment will be accepted for the wrongdoings he’s done but urged netizens to refrain from making groundless speculations.

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