Topps Company Receives Heavy Backlash For Injured And Bruised BTS Satirical Illustration Sticker, Fans Trend #RacismIsNotComedy And Demand An Apology

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Topps Company which makes a parody of virtuous Cabbage Patch Kids, the Garbage Pail Kids has released a new trading sticker series titled the “Shammy Awards” collection and their portrayal of BTS is garnering a lot of attention and backlash.

The newly released 12 sticker collection shows many top artists such as Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and many more. What attracted attention was their portrayal of BTS in the sticker. The sticker titled “BTS Bruisers” features the seven members in a mallet-hitting game similar to Whac-a-Mole, the members are covered in bandages, broken teeth and some of the members appear to be crying and show visible fear in their face.

UPDATE: Topps Issues An Apology Regarding The BTS Controversial Garbage Pail Kids Card, But Fans Reactions Remain Cold, Why?

As you’d expect, ARMY didn’t react kindly to this issue and called out the company for their insensitive and racist sticker. No other card featuring any other artist in the sticker collection had a similar concept of beaten-up artists with visible injuries.

Added to that, the sticker came out during the rising movement of “Stop Asian Hate,” the Asian community has been suffering racially motivated attacks in the United States. The pandemic is believed to be behind many of the racially motivated attacks against the Asian community and a staggering 3,795 racially-motivated attacks have been reported in the U.S. Many people have been speaking up on the issue and raising awareness and donations to the affected by these attacks.

Given the current situation and the attacks the Asian community has been receiving, many fans think the portrayal of BTS is shocking and inconsiderate. They have been mass-emailing the company’s PR email asking them to take it down and apologize.

The hashtag #RacismIsNotComedy has also been trending on Twitter with fans around the world expressing their shock at the sticker.

Neither the illustrator behind the sticker nor the company have responded yet to the severe backlash and demands for an apology.

Some fans have also been emailing Big Hit asking them to take action against this and protect BTS. Big Hit hasn’t responded as well.

What are your thoughts on this?

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