Big Hit Entertainment Reportedly Changing Its Name To HYBE Corporation, But Why?

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Big Hit Entertainment is changing its name!

On March 10, reports revealed that Big Hit Entertainment will be changing their official company name to HYBE Corporation. The label has made the announcement through a report with Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service.

But why?

It’s being reported that Big Hit Entertainment is changing its name to become a leading entertainment and lifestyle company, by removing the name ‘entertainment’ they will be expanding their business even more. They will not only produce music, also venture into management, performances and internet business. They will be expanding their business even more. It will also change its website address as well.

HYBE Corporation is also reported to oversee real estate by renting out practice rooms for subsidiary companies and affiliates.

The general shareholder’s meeting which will go over the name change from Big Hit Entertainment to HYBE Corporation will be held on March 30.

Do you like the possible new name HYBE Corporation?

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  1. No I want them to stick to big hit. I don’t want HYBE popping up in the intro of BTS and TXT videos. No one can replace bighit’s irritating but iconic opening.

  2. I respect their decision. They must have thought a lot before doing this. And I think it will be even more better than before. Even the name is fresh and unique.

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