Song Joong Ki’s Comment About Taking On “Space Sweepers” At A Time He’s Given Up Gains Attention, Was He Referring To His Divorce? He Clarifies

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Song Joong Ki’s recent comments have gained attention online.

Recently, Song Joong Ki joined the rest of the blockbuster sci-fi film “Space Sweepers” to talk about the movie, during the interview, he commented on how his character Tae Ho reminded him of himself,

“When I first thought of Tae Ho, I thought he was a person who had given up on himself, he reminded of the Song Joong Ki from then.”

The comment stirred buzz online and many began to talk about whether Song Joong Ki was referring to his divorce from actress Song Hye Kyo. At the time he was filming for “Space Sweepers,” Song Joong Ki had recently gone through divorce.

On February 9, Song Joong Ki talked about his comment on another interview and clarified what he was referring to at the time,

“It’s true, at the time, I felt like Tae Ho was in a similar place to me, exactly like the phrase ‘given up.’

I’d like to explain the specific situation but I can’t tell you because I am embarrassed.”

Song Joong Ki went on to explain that his personality is like this, he naturally goes with the flow and tries not to force himself to accept things artificially.

What did you think of his comment?

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  1. Song Joong ki’s personality is like an open book NO PRETENSE. He is known for his social skills, good manners and very humble. And that is why I like him. I don’t want to keep nagging him of his divorce and I respect his privacy. She got her freedom and he got his peace, I think that make sense.

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