Song Joong Ki And Kim Tae Ri’s “Space Sweeper” Ranks First In The Top 10 On Netflix In The World

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The new Korean movie “Space Sweeper” is doing well!

Despite various delays due to the ongoing pandemic, it was ultimately decided that “Space Sweeper” will exclusively be released on Netflix worldwide, the movie was released on February 5.

Shortly after its release, many fans around the world tuned in to see the new movie, as of February 6, “Space Sweeper” is the number 1 top movie in Netflix worldwide. It ranked first in many countries such as France, Belgium, Finland, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines and more. It ranked at no. 7 in the United States, No. 3 in Canada, and No. 6 in The United Kingdom.  

“Space Sweeper” is led by Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Sun Kyu, and Yoo Hae Jin and is considered Korea’s very first space sci-fi blockbuster. It follows the story of a crew of a space junk collector ship called The Victory. Upon finding a humanoid robot named Dorothy which is also a weapon of mass destruction, they get involved in a dangerous business deal.

Have you seen “Space Sweeper” yet?

My personal thoughts

A review of “Space Sweeper” is coming soon, but i just wanted to say that I enjoyed the movie a lot. Whilst watching, I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would’ve been if this was seen in cinema, it’s that type of movie and if it had happened, I think it would’ve been a smash summer hit.

The performances were very solid by the main cast; I could see just how hard they worked on it. The effects were pretty amazing and you can tell they put a lot of attention and effort to make it look as believable as possible. It’s a stepping stone in the right direction. I hope this film finds a lot of success so we can see more stuff like this from South Korea in the near future.

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