Mingi Won’t Join ATEEZ’s March Comeback To Focus On Health, But The Agency Reveals This Pleasant Surprise

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ATEEZ’s Mingi won’t participate in his group’s upcoming comeback!

Previously, KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi will be taking a hiatus due to psychological anxiety, he’s been taking a break since November of 2020, with the recent comeback news of ATEEZ being announced, the agency has revealed their position on whether Mingi will join his group’s comeback or not.

In a post to their official fancafe, the agency expresses their gratitude to the fans who loved the group and Mingi, and stated that Mingi has been taking counseling treatment, and he’s shown progress, however, after speaking to him, his parents and his doctor, it was decided that he will focus a bit more on recovery since his health is not fully recovered.

Thus, ATEEZ will promote their next comeback as 7 members instead of 8, however, the agency added that recording for the songs of their upcoming album was finished before he took hiatus, so fans will be able to hear his voice in the songs.

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