Jo Byeong Gyu Says He’ll Reveal The Truth About The Numerous Bullying Allegations Made Against Him

Jo Byeong Gyu has finally broken his silence after being accused of being a school bully by multiple netizens.

To recap the past weekend:

It started when one netizen [A] claimed they were bullied by Jo Byeong Gyu while they were at school in New Zealand together. When these allegations came out, his agency issued a response to deny the rumors and vowed to take strict legal action. Following that, the creator of the post apologized and took down their claims, his agency provided proof of that.

However, things didn’t calm down; another netizen [B] accused him of being a delinquent and a bully during elementary and middle school. HB Entertainment then reiterated their stance on such rumors promising strict legal action.

After their second statement, another alleged victim [C] also claimed to have been bullied by Jo Byeong Gyu in New Zealand and claimed he had smoked cigarettes and dated around. They also shared a photo of him from that time. HB hasn’t addressed this particular claim as of yet.

On February 22, the actor took to his instagram story to upload this,

“I will tell you about my side of the story no matter what. Please wait.”

However, reactions to his story were cold with many netizens reacting negatively to his statement. After a couple of hours, he deleted the post and his agency hasn’t clarified his comments as of yet.

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