Jo Byeong Gyu Personally Addresses The Bullying Allegations

Actor Jo Byeong Gyu has personally spoken up about the bullying accusations made against him.

This comes after the rising actor was accused of school bullying by various online users, and while his agency vehemently denied the accusations and is taking legal action, more people came out with accusations against him and the situation has become worse for him.

Jo Byeong Gyu took to instagram to share his personal stance on this issue and clarify a couple of things,

“When the first false post came up about me, I was shaken and I froze with a sense of injustice. Even though we were contacted the very next day by the poster asking for leniency, it was very difficult for me to let go of the feeling of being wronged.

We had agreed to be lenient, but then I was shook by the fact that malicious comments were posted, and the photos and words that had nothing to do with the content of the text were shown as proof that what they wrote was the truth.

As arguments and refutations that were different from the facts spread on the internet, it made me feel skeptical and disillusioned with the 26 years I’ve lived.

As a result, I found out that the person who claimed to be a New Zealand classmate stole the picture without permission from another alumnus. It is true that we graduated from the same school, but there was no face-to-face contact, and I have not committed violence there. The person who wrote this is also deleting all false posts and checking if there could be leniency through acquaintances. Also, I would like to emphasize that deleting the post and their apology was not a result of coercion and intimidation.

Its true that I liked to play soccer in elementary school, but its not true that I kicked out other kids playing on the field by force or violence. In the second semester of the third grade of elementary school, I transferred to Bucheon. I have never once extorted money from anyone or rode a motorcycle.

I dreamed of being a soccer player and was optimistic and the happy-go-lucky student. Like everyone else, I had friends I was close to and people I wasn’t close with. I am aware that I can’t be free from the memories of those whom I didn’t know well. However, there was nothing I could do when I was maliciously framed due to a single irrelevant photo and article; there was absolutely nothing I could do. For the past few days, I’ve been holding on trying to throw off thoughts I shouldn’t have.

I was afraid of writing vague posts that would make people judge me right or wrong, so I deleted my account and posts. Why did I keep becoming the target of such violent reports and why do I have to explain myself each and ever time? I was careful about giving a response because I knew my explanation could become another arrow, another tool they’d use to fit into their imaginations more stories about me.

It’s hard for me to endure this situation when I am being misunderstood for things I didn’t do just because of a photograph and a couple of paragraphs. I cannot respond to all these anonymous false rumors and malicious comments. We have requested an investigation into all of it, so please be patient. Please.”

As a result of his controversy, he’s been put on hold for the MC role he’s been cast to do in the upcoming variety show.

What are your thoughts on his statement?

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