Many loyal fans are already aware of this; BTS V had previously opened up about getting bullied in school and suffering because of it.

Currently, there is a surge in cases where netizens are accusing kpop idols and actors of being bullies, more on that here. Amid this huge controversy, fans have recalled a time when an Afreeca TV BJ openly bragged about using BTS V as his ‘service boy.’

In the old 2015 broadcast, the BJ revealed he attended the same school as V and when asked if he was close to him, he gave a shockingly harsh answer saying that he wasn’t friends with him and their relationship was more like ‘a food chain relationship.’ In his answer, he admits he’s a bit jealous and even cursed when discussing how he should’ve become a trainee and ‘would have been better off than that bastard [referring to V].’

The same BJ had issued an apology video for his actions in 2019, it was in response to another broadcast by V in which he opened up about a friend from elementary school who lied to him about giving him the wrong location to his birthday party.

The BJ apologized and stated that the person who V was referring to wasn’t him, he said he ‘deeply regrets his actions and is deeply reflecting’ in regards to what he did and said about V.

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