The 30th Seoul Music Awards (hereafter SMA) is under fire by kpop fans.

On January 31, The 30th Seoul Music Awards was held and attended by various kpop idols and groups. During the ceremony, the award show aired a video celebrating past winners of their awards. The video clip played right before the announcement of the Daesang which went to BTS. The video highlighted past winners from the award show.

For a couple of seconds each, many of the most popular groups taking home awards were shown. In particular, BIGBANG’s 2007 Daesang video clip was shown with both T.O.P and former member Seungri’s face blurred out.

Added to that, the video clip showed iKON receiving an award in 2015, B.I’s face was also blurred out.

Many fans criticized the SMAs for blurring out the kpop idols faces calling it ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unnecessary.’

The 30th Seoul Music Awards didn’t comment on this issue yet.


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