Actress Park Si Yeon Booked For Driving Under The Influence, Agency Denies Some Details Of The Accident

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Actress Park Si Yeon has been booked for a DUI (driving under the influence).

On January 19, SBS exclusively reported that Park Si Yeon was driving on January 17 around 11:30 a.m. when she hit the back bumper of a car that was waiting for the light to change to make a left turn at a three-way intersection.

Traffic police happened to be nearby and witnessed the accident and went to the scene. According to SBS’s report, Park Si Yeon’s blood alcohol content level was 0.097% which is high enough to get her license revoked. Neither the actress nor the driver of the other car was badly injured, but she was booked by the police on suspicions of driving under the influence and was sent home.

It was also reported that she admitted to driving under the influence after being questioned by police. Later, the Seoul Songpa Police Station confirmed they had booked Park Si Yeon for suspicions of driving under the influence.

Following the report, netizens heavily criticized her for her actions; things didn’t cool down after her agency issued a statement that is causing confusion among netizens.

In their statement, they apologized for causing concern with the bad news and stated that the actress in fact drank alcohol on the evening of January 16 and unlike what the reports make it out to be, she didn’t drink in broad daylight on January 17.

On January 17, she concluded that she was no longer drunk and drove her car, however, when the accident happened; her blood alcohol level was high enough to get her license revoked.

The agency stated that regardless of the reason, they feel great responsibility for what had occurred and added that Park Si Yeon is deeply reflecting.

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