Another UP10TION Member has tested positive for COVID-19!

On December 15, UP10TION’s agency released a new update two weeks after their initial announcement announcing that Bitto and Kogyeol tested positive for the virus.

In their statement, they explained that UP10TION members Bitto and Kogyeol were discharged on December 13 and 14 according to the instructions of health authorities; they had been staying at a designated facility.

When tested upon discharge, Bitto came out negative while Kogyeol tested positive, he is asymptomatic and non-infectious, thus, the health authorities told him he could go on about his daily life but he will undergo self-quarantine for the meantime and undergo additional testing.

After the two weeks period was up, the remaining members were tested again on December 14. On December 15, Kuhn, Sunyoul, Gyujin and Hwanhee came out negative while Xiao tested positive. The agency stated that each member had been self-isolating under the supervision of the health authorities.

The members who tested negative received a notification from the health authorities that they could resume their lives since they have tested negative and self-isolated for two weeks.

Xiao is asymptomatic, but will undergo additional testing by health authorities later.

Wishing Xiao a speedy recovery!

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