Hanbin Volunteers With Fans And Donates Additional Face Mask + Agency Comments On The Possibility Of His Return To Activities

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It’s been revealed that Hanbin (former iKON member) has recently participated in delivering coal briquettes to people in need.

The activity was organized by his fans and when he found out that they were having trouble in finding volunteers, he decided to surprise them; he wasn’t originally scheduled to attend. He volunteered on December 23.

Hanbin donated 200 million won (approximately $180,770) as masks back in February, and he and his company donated 300 million won (approximately $271,000) to the NGO World Vision to help vulnerable social groups in October. He also donated another 20,000 masks and 10,000 pieces of undergarments with a total monetary value of 200 million won to World Vision.

Following various reports about his voluntary service, a source from IOK Company spoke up about the possibility of his return to the music industry; they commented that they’re being critical of public’s attitude as well as the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that it can be interpreted that he’s preparing to return, none of the specifics have been decided yet, whether he’ll be back as a producer, soloists, or part of a group.

IOK Company also added that he had done more voluntary work than they had been aware of, the purpose of sending out the press releases was to highlight his good deeds rather than address the possibility of his return.

Would you like to see Hanbin return soon?

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