GOT7 Mark Earns Praise For Promoting His Group’s Latest Release + Fans Furious With JYP’s Lack Of Promotional Effort For GOT7’s New Album

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GOT7 Mark has been making headlines for doing a great job promoting his group’s latest release, so much so that fans wish he’d manage the promotions for GOT7 from now on, but why?

GOT7 fans have been vocal about their frustration with JYP Entertainment over the lack of promotional activity leading up to GOT7’s newest album release.

What makes this release particularly special for GOT7 and their fans is the fact that all of the members participated in the making of the album; two title songs accompanied with music videos were released and despite what appears to be a very special album for the group, fans have noticed that JYP hasn’t been doing their best to promote the album.

For starters, if you take a look at JYP’s official instagram account, there isn’t even one mention of GOT7’s newest album despite the fact that this account is dedicated to all of JYP’s groups. Added to that, GOT7’s Instagram page has also been inactive with the latest post dating back to Mid-October and being entirely unrelated to their latest album release. They only began posting earlier today (11 hours ago as of this writing) with promotional material and updates regarding the group’s comeback.

What infuriated fans even more was the fact that no group teaser video was uploaded to hype up the group’s release ahead of their comeback on November 30. This is almost unheard of for kpop groups that usually release many video teasers leading up the release of the group’s albums.

Due to those reasons, fans have been publicly vocal about their frustration with JYP’s division 2 (the one dedicated to managing GOT7) and this is why Mark has been making headlines for taking it upon himself to upload every teaser of the group’s comeback leading up to the release as well releasing more information about their music chart rankings and milestones. He’s also been very active on twitter as well.

Fans are talking about how Mark should be managing the group’s promotion from now on.

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