Yang Hyun Suk Handed Down Suspended Sentence For Illegal Gambling

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The case regarding Yang Hyun Suk’s illegal gambling has come to an end!

On November 27, the sentencing hearing for Yang Hyun Suk’s illegal gambling was held. He was previously indicted on charges of flying to the U.S several times between July 2015 and January 2019 to gamble, he gambled using approximately $335,460 with four other individuals. Back in October, the prosecution requested a fine of 10 million won (approximately $9,055).

On the sentencing case, the Seoul Western District Court sentenced Yang Hyun Suk a fine of 15 million won (approximately $13,583). He was handed such sentence because the court stated that it’s his first offense and he’s reflecting on his actions.

On the other hand, Yang Hyun Suk is still under investigation for allegedly interfering with B.I’s drug case.

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