“Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” Premieres To Promising Ratings, “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” And “Private Lives” Premiere To Modest Ratings

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“Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” is up for a great start already!

Three new Korean dramas aired on Wednesday and the ratings battle is on!

Out of the three new dramas, tvN’s “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” showed the most promising ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” recorded an average nationwide ratings of 5.8%. Its predecessor “Flower of Evil” highest rating was 5.7% that it reached with its final episode. “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” is already up to a great start beating its predecessor best rating.

Meanwhile, the first episode of KBS’s “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” scored average nationwide ratings of 1.9% and 2.6%. JTBC’s “Private Lives” recorded average nationwide ratings of 2.522%.

On MBC, “When I Was the Most Beautiful” recorded ratings of 2.6% and 3.2%, slightly decreasing from last week’s episode.

Have you seen any of the new dramas yet? Which one is your favorite?

My Personal Thoughts

I have only seen “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” and “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” thus far, but “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” had the better premiere in my opinion, it’s close to my liking and I was blown away by the first episode. I can already predict how it’ll progress but I had so much fun and will review it soon. I sensed “Goblin” vibes but in a good way. I just think Lee Dong Wook excels in fantasy dramas.

I am so happy the ratings are this high for “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed,” this particular timeslot isn’t the best performing for tvN as we all know.  “Flower of Evil” did a good job drawing people’s attention and I think “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed” will take it a step further.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” episode 1 was cute, it was also fun. It was nice seeing Lee Jae Wook for the first time after a while. However, I can say the ratings were about what I expected to see. If it gets better, I think it can do better with its next episodes but this particular timeslot has been struggling with ratings around this range for its dramas. It’s going to be difficult to break the curse.

I haven’t seen “Private Lives” yet and I am honestly kinda excited but also scared I won’t like it. Seohyun acting isn’t that convincing to me (it’s a personal opinion), I know she tries her best but I think she still needs more practice before taking on the first leading roles. She’s starring opposite extremely talented actors, I have to see to judge fully but I am afraid I won’t like it. I want to like it so bad because I missed Go Gyung Pyo terribly.

By Hilda Moore

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