NCT Lucas Name Trends On Twitter After He Accidentally Shows His Cigarette Box, How Did Fans React?

NCT Lucas has found himself in one hell of an awkward situation during a recent live stream.

During a recent live stream with fellow WayV members Hendery and Winwin, Lucas flashed his Cigarette Box, the boys were streaming to their fans after their way back home from a day outing, they talked about what they had done and entertained fans while on the ride home.

While they listened to Chinese songs, Lucas excitingly began waving his hands which had his Cigarette Box, the moment he realized that his jaws dropped to the floor, he was flustered and handed the phone to his fellow members who tried the best they could to divert away from the situation. He stayed out of the frame for a while.

Fans recalled that this wasn’t his first time showing his box of cigarettes. It also happened recently when it popped out of his shirt during a past video call.

International fans on twitter have been mostly reacting humorously to the accident, while there are some fans who are worried about his health, the general reception for now seems to be focused on making memes out of the incident.

What are your thoughts on this?

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