Jason Derulo Heavily Criticized For Failing To Credit BTS In Celebration Post For “Savage Love” Reaching No.1 On Billboard Hot 100

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Jason Derulo found himself on the wrong side of Kpop last night after a video he shared to his TikTok account.

The American singer posted a celebration video on TikTok on October 18 (local time), with the song playing in the background (the original not the remix) he captioned,

“It’s a celebration @#savagelove @hannastocking @ondreazlopez @charlyjordan @itstaylerholder @justmaiko @sommeray @jena @mrmovi3.”

This sparked a huge outcry on Twitter so much so that his name topped twitter worldwide trends shortly after the video was posted. Initially, he added a thank you to BTS in the comment section of the TikTok video but fans still weren’t satisfied.


The hashtag #JasonDeruloIsOverParty then began trending on twitter. BTS fans called him disrespectful for failing to acknowledge and thank BTS for their contribution in helping the song reach number one on Billboard Hot 100.

Many fans talked about how BTS was the sole reason they streamed “Savage Love” remix and how Jason should be grateful to BTS for helping him snag his first no.1 on the billboard Hot 100 in 10 years, many fans also accused him of using BTS for clout.

Later, Jason Derulo reposted the same video to twitter, this time tagging BTS. Reactions to this tweet were mixed; some fans seem to have let it pass while others continue to stand by what they said about Jason.

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