Red Velvet Joy Under Fire For Wearing A Feminist Shirt? Here Is Why

Red Velvet Joy has recently come under fire for a reason that will have you scratching your head.

Recently, Red Velvet Joy attended an event with Seulgi for the “Blue Sky For All” day, a day that takes place on September 7 to promote clean air in Korea. What drew attention was her choice of attire; she wore a t-shirt that reads, ‘we should all be feminists,’ and topped that with a blazer.

The issue is the t-shirt; some k-netizens believe Joy is damaging her group’s reputation with her choice of attire. But why?

In South Korea, some people see feminism in a negative light; they believe feminist women are demanding and too stubborn. Hence, any girl group member who is seen wearing a shirt that could suggest she’s a feminist, intentionally or not, could get her in trouble and cause some backlash.

Some believe she wore it without knowing what the t-shirt meant, while others believe she wore it because it’s sponsored by Dior. However, fans squashed that theory since Joy usually tags a sponsored post with the brand if it happens to be sponsored, she didn’t do it with this one.

One netizen created a buzz when they posted her photos to a Korean community form and called Joy ‘seflish’ for wearing the shirt since she knows ‘its controversial and it will affect her group members.’

The netizen alleges that her actions will cause backlash against her and her group and could negatively affect the way she’s viewed by some of her fans.

However, her fans soon came to her defense stating that she has the right to wear whatever she wants and that some k-netizens are causing a big deal out of nothing.

Previously, Red Velvet member Irene got into trouble for stating she read a popular feminist novel, one kpop fan even burned her picture and some destroyed their merch and stopped supporting her.  

What are your thoughts on this?

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