Former THE BOYZ Member Hwall Has Left His Agency, But He’s Not Done Being A Singer

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Former THE BOYZ Member Hwall is reported to have left his agency.

He previously departed from The Boyz due to health issues back in 2019. His departure shocked Kpop fans of the group who had been anticipating his return to his group activities once he got better.

According to a recent report by News 1, Hwall has recently left Cre.ker Entertainment as well. A source from the agency told the news outlets that they’ve decided to respect his wishes and support him on his new path,

“We will continue to cheer on Hwall in the future.”

Despite the fact that Hwall has left the agency, he’s not done with the industry. Hur Hyun Jun (Hwall’s name) has dropped teasers for his new music release. He released a solo song on August 14; the song is called “Baragi” and is accompanied by an MV. check it out down below:

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