This October has been extremely difficult for many Kpop fans due to various upsetting news.

In the last week of October alone, three rising boy groups announced that members departed their group, shocking fans even more.

On October 23, Kpop fans were hit with two of these departure announcements, The Boyz and We In The Zone lost members.

The Boyz agency released an official statement announcing the departure of Hwall from the group.

The agency explained,

 “Due to his ankle pain and poor health condition, member Hwall temporarily halted activities and album promotions to focus on recovery. Along with this, we had in-depth discussions with Hwall and his family regarding his future activities and abilities to promote.”

The agency also explained that Hwall expressed his intentions to suspend his activities due to health and mental reasons; The Boyz and the agency decided to respect his decision and thus he has officially left the group. The agency apologized for having to deliver such upsetting news to fans.

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The second boy group that announced departure news on the same day was We In The Zone. The agency announced the departure of member Min ahead of the group’s first official comeback.

They explained that ‘personal circumstances’ were the reason behind Min withdrawal from the group and added that his contract officially ended on October 22. They apologized to fans in their statement as well.

We In The Zone debuted in May of 2019.

The third and probably most shocking news came from JYP. Less than a week after Hwall and Min left their groups, JYP announced that Woojin had left Stray Kids and that they had also terminated his contract. The news were released on October 28.

In their statement, they explained,

“Woojin, who has been a part of Stray Kids until this time, has left the group due to personal reasons and we terminated his exclusive contract.

We would like to express apologies for causing troubles to fans with the sudden news.

As a result, Stray Kids’ mini album “Clé : LEVANTER,” which was scheduled to be released on November 25, will be delayed to December 9.

We would like to, once again, express apologies to the fans who have been waiting for a long time.

We ask you to support Woojin who will embark on a new path, and we ask for the warm support of STAY for the eight remaining members who will go on the road towards their dreams with their compass.”

Many Kpop fans are expressing their sadness with such news; many believe 2019 to be one of the worst years for Kpop.

Which one of these members’ departure shocked you the most?