[TRENDING] Two Kpop Idols Test Positive For COVID-19 After Performing At A Theatre In Japan


Kpop idols Honey and K from the idol group H5 have tested positive for coronavirus.

The unfortunate news was revealed on July 16 by the idols’ agency through an official statement to their SNS official account. Three members of this group were advised to receive a test after a cluster of approx. 30 new cases were discovered among audience members and staff in a theatre in Tokyo. The three of them are cast members of the musical performing at that theatre.

Honey and K have tested positive while Ren tested negative. The two stars were asymptomatic and didn’t show symptoms at first, their first test results came out negative but after a more precise test, the results came out positive.  

The agency apologized for relaying such news to fans and promised to do their best to ensure the safety and recovery of their artists.

H5 is composed of Kpop idols and actors who are mainly active in Japan.  

Wishing both idols a speedy recovery!

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