Lee Min Ho Reunites With Woo Do Hwan To Say Goodbye Before His Military Enlistment + Woo Do Hwan Enlists

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Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan recent instagram updates are giving fans all the feels!

Woo Do Hwan is set to enlist on July 6 as an active duty soldier, the rising actor was recently seen with Jang Ki Yong and Kim Kyung Nam ahead of his enlistment, and today he reunited with “The King: Eternal Monarch” co-star Lee Min Ho.

On July 5, both actors shared the same photos to their instagram, Woo Do Hwan captioned,

“I’ll return safely your majesty.”


While Lee Min ho captioned his post with,

“Now, Yeong-ah I hope you will become the best gunman in the world [wordplay in relation to their characters in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’]”


Woo Do Hwan will quietly enlist tomorrow without an event or a press conference.


Woo Do Hwan has officially enlisted in the military on July 6.

He arrived at the new recruit training center in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province. He waved goodbye to the press that saw him entering the training center, his agency also released on last goodbye video of the actor.

In the goodbye video, he thanked fans over and over again for showing him love and says he was able to enjoy his twenties thanks to them. The actor promised fans to return healthily and wished them happiness as well.

Wishing Woo Do Hwan a safe service! Take care of yourself!

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