Is Jun Ji Hyun Finally Returning To TV With A “Kingdom” Prequel? Netflix Responds To The Rumors

Rumors are circulating about Jun Ji Hyun’s possible TV return!

On July 20, a Korean news outlet reported that “Kingdom” was preparing to launch a new prequel starring Jun Ji Hyun. The actress had previously made an impactful short cameo appearance on the second season. The report stated that the prequel would center around Jun Ji Hyun’s character and will be directed by Kim Sung Hoon.

The report also explains that its difficult for the actors of the first two seasons of “Kingdom” to immediately start filming for a third one due to scheduling conflicts and thus the 3rd season is likely to come in two to three years later.

In response to the report, a source from Netflix stated that ‘nothing has been decided yet.’ Netflix refused to confirm anything as of now including the lead actors, screenwriter or director who would possibly be involved in this project or whether there would even be a prequel.

Would you like to see this idea become a reality?

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My Personal Thoughts

All eyes are on Jun Ji Hyun’s next move but I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. I am not the biggest fan of how hard Netflix tries to drag everything on and on and on. Their increasing involvement in Korean dramas is beginning to annoy me.

I don’t know about other kdrama fans but Netflix is ruining the kdrama experience for me. If the report is true and the 3rd season will likely come two to three years later then imma be very upset. I don’t like it when they do that, tell a story and finish it, don’t keep dragging it on and on for the sake of profit.

If I wanted to watch multiple seasons of any story I’d watch an American series, I like Kdramas because they’re short and straight to the point. “Kingdom” is an interesting idea but there is no need to drag it on for so much longer, it’s not that difficult to finish the story in two seasons.

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  1. I agree. Sometimes you would more but begin to realize it was perfect just the way it was done. I am American and I don’t even watch American program any longer. They are true soap operas going on and on. Good call.


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