How Well Did Lee Joon Gi And Moon Chae Won New Drama “Flower Of Evil” Do In Ratings?

The highly anticipated tvN drama “Flower Of Evil” has premiered last night!

On July 29, tvN’s new drama “Flower Of Evil” which stars Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi premiered. Fans have been discussing the interesting premise of the drama and were looking forward to its premiere.

But, did it do well in ratings?

According to Nielsen Korea, the premiere recorded average nationwide ratings of 3.4%, a solid start for a cable channel drama, its highest rating was 3.7%. The drama has been getting lots of positive reviews with its intriguing premiere.

“Flower Of Evil” tells the story of a detective who starts to suspect that her husband is a serial killer.

Have you seen the premiere of “Flower Of Evil”? Did it live up to your expectations?

My Personal Thoughts

I’ve been raving about “Flower Of Evil” for a while now, I was super excited about the drama because the plot seemed interesting and different. Lee Joon Gi doesn’t take on evil characters and we usually never see the first lead character being the bad one in the drama, that’s usually reserved for the second male/female lead.

Since I had high expectations, I was slightly let down by the first episode, I think I expected something more dramatic but I love the fact that the drama didn’t try to force expositions on us in the cliché way. It was a relatively calm episode but it gave away a lot of interesting clues here and there.

Seeing Lee Joon Gi play an evil character is very interesting. I am excited about tonight’s episode and will post a review of the 1st and 2nd episode tomorrow.