ATEEZ Member Hairstyle Causes Concerns Over Cultural Appropriation, KQ Entertainment Responds

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ATEEZ’s label has responded to international fans’ concerns regarding cultural appropriation after their recent teaser image for “ZERO: FEVER” dropped.

The issue is with member Hongjoong’s hairstyle in the teaser image below. Many fans think the hairstyle is Cultural Appropriation so they have contacted the label to get a response and fix the issue.

On July 14, KQ Entertainment responded to fans with an official statement to the group’s fan café. They apologized and stated that Hongjoong’s hairstyle during the promotions will change.

Read their full statement below:

Meanwhile, “ZERO: FEVER” drops on July 29.

What are your thoughts on their statement?

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    1. Exactly, I don’t see anything bad but some people are like it is disrespectful or not cultural appropriation. I as an African can tell you that most Africans don’t really care about this type of issues because he didn’t disrespect our culture or African people.

  1. That’s is bullshit. That is cultural appropriation. They should release a public apology. Not some half as response about the concept of the video. Im tired of Kpop Idols and their companies with insensitive responses to the fans. There is a difference between admiration and appropriation.

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