It was recently revealed that BLACKPINK Lisa was scammed by her ex-manager who has been with her since before her debut.

The shocking news was confirmed by YG as well; the manager swindled Lisa of more than $820,000 and blew it on gambling. He tricked her into thinking he’d invest that money into real estate property but he used it for his own gain.

Avid BLACKPINK fans are already aware of this manager, they used to love their interactions together and even protested when the manager was changed a while back not knowing that he was fired because he scammed Lisa.

According to a close friend of Lisa, it is said that she felt deeply hurt and betrayed by him. More on that here.

One popular community post highlighted how Lisa used to react to seeing her manager at the airport, on multiple occasions, she is seen running and happily smiling when greeting him. Netizens expressed their disappointment with the manager who betrayed Lisa’s trust and caused her pain, here are some of their comments:

despicable human being

Lisa must’ve been so hurt, what do we do?

you’ve embarrassed all of korea. Lisa must be so hurt

How could you steal money from a young girl who struggled for many years?  

One twitter user even compiled many instances of Lisa running up to her manager and interacting with him, you can check out the video below:

What do you think of this?


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