Song Joong Ki Opens Up About How His Daily Life Has Changed And How He’s Balancing Work And His Private Life

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Song Joong Ki has shared a glimpse about his daily life for the first time in a while.

The actor signed with a new agency called HISTORY D&C not too long ago and he recently did a photo shoot and spoke with the agency online magazine.

Song Joong Ki has cut his hair shot and netizens think it suits him pretty well. He’s trying out a style he hasn’t done so in a long time.

When asked about what he’s been up to these days, he said,

“For the first time in a long time, I am just living my normal life.

I’ve been reading, watching movies, doing the dishes; it’s the same like everyone’s else.”

He also opened up about his approach to balancing his private life to his career, he said,

“I try hard to balance between them.”

Song Joong Ki also talked about what kind of actor he wants to become,

“I want to be an actor who always expresses himself in an honest way.”

Check out some of the photoshoot below:

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