“The King: Eternal Monarch” has wrapped up its run last night on June 12.

The SBS drama aired its finale last night and the viewership rating numbers are in!

According to Nielsen Korea, the June 12 finale scored average nationwide ratings of 5.8% and 8.1%, it had a nearly identical ratings to its 15th episode. The drama has done okay in terms of ratings in South Korea but has found great success overseas, it topped the most watched list of dramas on Netflix in many countries around the world.

Starting next week, Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung are coming back with “Backstreet Rookie.”

Meanwhile, you can read a quick recap of “The King: Eternal Monarch” final episode here.

Will you miss “The King: Eternal Monarch”? What did you think of the ending?


  1. Enjoyed theall of the episodes. Thank you to the actors for portraying a very interesting story, and thanks to Nexflix to bringing to the USA. Hope to enjoy all the actors in other projects. Nexflix please make Gobin and Legend of the blue sea. Thanks

  2. Honestly i i had to watch 2nd time again to be truly understand the whole story and this was when am truly HOOKED! Once you understand the plot especiallly the parralel love plot you will appreciate more of the all romance scene between peya & tae eul … i love every character here esp both of Dohwan’s … i understand that goen has to be dreas up so dull here as she is a simple brave police officer, at leat they let her wore a pretty dress in the end! I just wish that there were more moments of tae eul falling for lee gon hard in the process… i luv the OST tooo… honestly i dun mind about the sponsorship products in d drama, its the same as all other dramas anywayss…. to date i have watch 4 times of TKEM…the ending is so satisfying and sad at the same time as peya and taeul are together till the end but due to the parallel world they have to be together with what have fate(yoyo boy the spirit of the bamboo flute) have given them instead of taking away taeul memories… everytime i kept falling it deeper and deeper in TKEM and everytin about it! ❤️ those who have not watch for 2nd time plse do it!!!!!


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