“The World Of The Married” Final Episode Breaks Cable TV History Records All Over Again, An Astonishing Feat

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“The World Of The Married” finale has aired last night and the ratings numbers are in!

“The World Of The Married” highly anticipated finale was the talk of town and netizens couldn’t have been more prepared to see the final showdown and find out what happens to the characters of “The World Of The Married.”

According to Nielsen Korea, “The World Of The Married” episode 16 scored an average of 28.4% nationwide and 31.7% in Seoul, making it the highest-rated episode for the series. To add to that, “The World Of The Married” shattered its previous record of 24.44% that it achieved with its 15th episode, “The World Of The Married” is the highest-rated cable drama in Korean TV history.

Its unheard for a short drama [16 episodes long] these days to even break the 20% mark (even if it was a public channel drama) and the fact that “The World Of The Married” did that and even better is gaining it a lot of praise.

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Have you seen the finale of “The World Of The Married”? what did you think of it?

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