“Running Man” Star Jung So Min Was Impersonated On The Hit Variety Show Chat Room, See Her Response


Jung So Min is being impersonated by a different person online!

On May 24, Jung So Min took to instagram after the latest episode of “Running Man” aired; the actress alerted fans that there is an imposter using her name in the SBS variety show’s chatroom.

She posted a photo of the blue sky and captioned,

“I am not the one leaving comments in the ‘Running Man’ chatroom, so I hope there will be no misunderstandings.”

She also sent a direct message to the person doing this,

“I’d appreciate if you would stop impersonating me.”

Jung So Min previously took time off to care for health and recently returned to filming “Running Man,” fans hope that the impersonator would be caught before causing damage to her image.

A while after sending the message, she changed the caption of the post to something unrelated, she wrote a new caption, ‘its pretty.’


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