Kim Seul Gi Apologizes To Lee Jin Hyuk After Calling Him ‘Honey’ On Live Stream, Lee Jin Hyuk’s Crude Response Stirs More Controversy

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Kim Seul Gi found herself in a sticky situation during an instagram live by Moon Ga Young.

Moon Ga Young and Kim Seul Gi joined an instagram live on the fictional character Yeo Ha Jin’s Instagram account. The two actresses play sisters in the MBC drama “Find Me in Your Memory,” and during the live broadcast, Kim Seul Gi saw Lee Jin Hyuk join the chat, he left this comment,

“Nice to see you ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Kim Seul Gi responded jokingly with,

“Baby/darling/honey, talk to you later,”

Kim Seul Gi plays Lee Jin Hyuk’s character girlfriend in the drama and that’s how they call each other in it, but after fans heard her, they began to criticize her on the live broadcast for calling him that. While her fans defended her and said she was only playing around.

But the ‘issue’ didn’t stop here, Lee Jin Hyuk then went on a live instagram session later and said this about the issue,

“She apologized to me saying that ‘It was in the middle of the shooting so I didn’t know this would come out unconsciously. I’m really sorry.’ and I just said “ok” and was going to let it slide.”

His choice of words was the point of a heated discussion among fans, Kim Seul Gi is his senior in the industry and using the words ‘let it slide’ wasn’t the best or most respectable choice, he also got heat from his fans for saying,

“How will you handle it if I play the main role?

I don’t want this drama to become the worst for my fans because of this incident. I am not going to talk about the issue more even though I am a little upset.”

Lee Jin Hyuk also repeatedly explained that he wasn’t aware she had left such a comment and he was cleared to go on the live instagram and interact with both actresses, he says he was flustered to see the response afterwards and understand why his fans are upset by this.

Kim Seul Gi fans didn’t like his response and stated that his fans were attacking her for joking around during the live instagram session. They also criticized him for his choice of words in describing the incident.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

It’s pretty obvious that Kim Seul Gi was joking around, but given the fact that he’s a hot idol loved by many young fans who believe they own him, this was going to be the expected outcome. I don’t think she expected this response but it’s so nice of her to apologize to him.

Lee Jin Hyuk is right about asking his fans how they will be able to handle it if he led a role, although my advice would be that he goes back to acting school because he’s obviously not lead material (I’ve been watching this drama and a review is coming soon). His choice of words is very shocking in my opinion, I’ve never seen an idol talk like that about his senior, I am very shocked.

Kim Seul Gi obviously meant no harm and she didn’t exactly do anything wrong, saying you were ‘going to let it slide’ is a very awful thing to say, not only is she more experienced than you but also older, he should’ve been more considerate and respectful with his choice of words.

Lee Jin Hyuk should’ve approached this differently, he didn’t need to address it outwardly because he was only going to add fire to it and even if he was going to address it, the way he should’ve done so in an entirely different way that doesn’t magnify the issue. Him taking it seriously is making his fans take it even more seriously when it’s nothing that deep. If he’s upset about such a minor issue, I can’t imagine how he’ll handle worse shit later on from his fans or antis. He has a long way to go.

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