Jo Yoon Hee Worries Netizens After Doing This To Her Instagram Following The Divorce Announcement


Last night, the entertainment industry woke up to the shocking announcement of one of its biggest couples announcing divorce.

Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun split after 3 years together, their divorce was finalized on May 22. The news was a huge shock to fans who loved the couple, there were no signs of issues between them or any rumors, which made the announcement that more shocking.

Jo Yoon Hee ended up getting the custody of their daughter who was born in 2017. Neither actors provided much of an explanation to why they split.

It is unknown when it exactly happened, but when fans checked out Jo Yoon Hee’s instagram following the announcement, they found out that she had deleted all of her posts.

She used to be active on instagram and would regularly post photos and videos with her ex-husband Lee Dong Gun. Some think she’s done it to avoid getting unwanted comments on her instagram about the divorce.

We hope she’s doing ok!


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